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Matt Sickels is a professional musician and guitarist specializing in education and performance. Strongly influenced by the music of Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, and Joe Pass, Matt specializes in chord-melody playing, weaving together a unique mixture of styles including jazz, rock, pop, funk, blues, alternative, latin, and classical.

Matt has earned the Certification in Guitar Performance & Jazz Studies from Cuyahoga College, and the Certification in Guitar Studies from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, where he studied with Guthrie Govan and Cory Christiansen.

Learn 4 Classic Songs:

  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  • Yesterday
  • Isn’t She Lovely?
  • Beauty & The Beast

Matt Sickels, 

Guitarist & Educator

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Chord Melody is one of those elusive art forms in guitar playing. Audiences and musicians alike are hypnotized by the masters of this inspiring and challenging technique.

Lucky for you, we've got the maestro Matt Sickels to show you how he transforms classic tunes into virtuoso jazzy-funk masterpieces. Learn how to structure an entire improvisation or arrangement on a popular melody.

In this Masterclass, Matt breaks down the thought process, theory, and technique that he uses to craft improvised chord-melody through a song form. He will guide your ears and fingers to new sounds and patterns, methods of variation, transitions, rhythmic styles, and melodic embellishments.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Chord Melody Masterclass